Are you tired? Confused on where to go next or how to find joy in the moment you are in? We want to be a resource for you so that you can capture your own flow with life. We have studied flow academically and intuitively for years.  Welcome to our family! We are glad to share ideas around living in flow with you.

Why FLOW Coaching?

We are designed to live in flow! You are here to love life, not just get through it. There is deep meaning, joy, and purpose for you to experience. Living in flow just makes sense! Why work with one intuitive, when you can have two? Shelley and Eva are best friends and have an ability to tap into some wild intuition when they work with their clients. These ladies have found their flow as they combine two of their favorite things (Flow and Intuitive Life Strategizing) to bring you more of what you want and love to your life! Eva and Shelley want to not only show you what is coming up in your subconscious, they want to help you get beyond it so that you can create the life your heart deeply desires. Can this all be done in one session...magic happens when the intentions are all in the same place, and that is bringing more love, peace, positivity, wholeness, and grace into yours.      

Meet Us!!

Best Friends Creating a Life if FLOW, through Teaching You How to Discover Yours!

Shelley Garite
"Don't trip over the same rock twice!"

Shelley wears many hats (Podcast Host, Mother, Entrepreneur, & FLOW Coach), She is most excited about assisting young woman in finding their flow with life. Shelley has owned her own business for almost twenty years. She is highly intuitive and uses her interests, talents, and abilities to improve the life of others. 

Eva Payne
"Love what was. Flow now. Strive for what can be."

Eva's dream is to teach the world's youth to live in flow. She see's a huge need and our current systems fail to meet the social & emotional needs of young people. Flow for life strategies add tools to the backpack of life. Eva is a Mother, nonprofit director, life strategist and author.

FLOW Coaching

Six (6) 60 Min Intuitive Life FLOW Strategy Sessions Shelley or Eva will reach out to book a one hour discovery call. We will ask lots of questions and share ideas for you to take the next steps to achieve the outcomes you desire.      FLOW Coaching is a short-term, self paced program, usually six 60 minute sessions (over 3 Months - about every two weeks ) of intuitive deep diving. You will receive the wheel of life assessment at checkout for your personal review. This will assist in guiding the work and answering the big life questions. We will take you from wherever you are now and lead you to discover your own flow.        We Cannot Wait to Meet you!!! xoxo, Shelley and Eva****

Live on Purpose

Wheel of Life Worksheet

Audio Book

Six 60-min Sessions 

Self Paced

Discover Your FLOW

About The Ladies...

Eva and Shelley are intuitive life coaches, best friends, entrepreneurs and moms. Their goal is to help you reach yours! They use their wildly on point intuitive abilities to tap into what you need to move more toward joy. The ladies have worked with hundreds of women looking for guidance around career, relationships, and life meaning & purpose. Shelley and Eva have been coaching woman together since 2016 and use their intuition and ability to connect to source to offer guidance around any situation, challenge, or questions you might have. Shelley and Eva host a podcast "Set 2 Love" and work together in hosting one-one-one and small group personal development, self-love, and self-leadership sessions.


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